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Dom S.
Long Beach, CA

I went to AR Customs OC to order and install custom leather seats for my 2021 Silverado 2500HD Custom Gas. I also asked if they could install a dual USB port in the rear seat so my kids could charge their phones.

I worked directly with Lupe and within two weeks of ordering the leather, the install took place. I’ve done a ton of research on the Katzkin leather seats I ordered. It is premium leather that is sold as OEM with some dealerships and receives nothing but fantastic reviews.

I dropped the truck off with Lupe in the morning and picked it up the same evening. I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I was with the results. This truck went from blah to wow, in less than $1700. The truck now looks like an LTZ without all the LTZ chrome features I did not want. Trust me, the photos do not do it justice.

I will absolutely be recommending anyone interested in a leather upgrade to contact Lupe at AR Customs and get your custom leather ordered in any color combination, any color stitching, any color piping, even perforations and custom logos. 5-star completely satisfied!

One last comment. If you look at other installers website pics, you will see they deliver cars with wrinkles still in the leather, which is normal. They just tell you to park in the sun for a couple weeks and the wrinkles will work their way out. Lupe and his team took the time to steam my wrinkles out, so they were already gone upon delivery. If that isn’t 5-star service, I do not know what is.


Holden Z.
Mission Viejo, CA

I took my car to the shop at AR Customs OC to have them install a performance chip on my car. The manager, Casey was very attentive to the job that I was trying to have completed. Casey even sat with me and discussed the benefits of having them install things that would improve the performance of the chip that I had installed. I don’t have a single complaint about my experience with AR Customs OC, everyone that I interacted with from the girl who works the front desk, to Casey the manager was very welcoming and provided me with great information about getting my car to perform to its optimal availability. I’m DEFINITELY going to be taking my car to AR Customs OC for any and all future projects for my car!

I should also mention that I paid a lot of money at a car stereo installation place in Santa Ana for a complete sound system upgrade and it has been installed incorrectly because sometimes when I’m driving the whole sound system cuts out midsong and when it’s playing the sound appears to be coming exclusively from the subwoofer in my trunk. I reached out to the people at AR Customs OC about this and Casey offered to diagnose my issue. I have to set up an appointment for later this week to bring my car back but I’m most definitely looking forward to seeing the team again!

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Drew O.
Huntington Beach, CA

I need to bring this issue to your attention on the recent seat cover install on my 95′ 3000GT. Two days after picking up my car while doing my laundry I found myself walking thru the parking structure stopping at my vehicle with an undeniable urge to open my door and stand in amazement at the phenomenal installation your team did on my vehicle. The new car smell of the leather didn’t help. I’m sad to report this urge repeated itself 3 more times that morning while moving my clothes to the dryers then getting them folded and walking back to my apartment. The thing is I usually don’t walk to the laundry room thru the parking structure. This is the problem…..
Maybe it was the incredible ride I enjoyed going to and from work this week since the seats were installed that drew me to open my car door this morning. Not once but 4 times!

Regardless this “Honeymoon” phase has me completely dizzy. I’m over the moon with the job you guys did. The ride now is just unreal.

Kudos especially to Tony for helping me thru the whole process and helping select the right color and Lupe for the hand off when I dropped it off as well as the pick up.

Both these guys are as passionate about what they do….as I am of my ride. That alone speaks volumes to both you and your team. Thanks again.

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Best Regards,

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